AEROBIA (with choreographer Douglas Dunn), 2001

PS 122, NYC

AEROBIA is the fitness center of the future. Members meet, work out and socialize in an environment that meets needs they didnít know they had.

Aerobia postcard

I can do it

I can do it

I know I can do it

other people do it

sometimes, when they do it, they donít remind me of me

thereís a lot of confidence out there

when itís time to do something, sometimes Iím underconnected

itís not the same as not knowing what Iím doing

but sometimes it feels like I know it later

I wonder what that looks like

I wonder if wondering what it looks like makes it look like it more



“…Douglas Dunn’s choreography and Jim Neu’s text form beguiling rhythmic partnerships, collide, and conspire.” -- Village Voice 

“In witty AEROBIA, an agile and nuanced relationship develops between the talking and the dancing.” -- New York Times


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