Alone Together, 2005


Dixon Place, NYC

Three plays about eccentric strangers having oddly eloquent encounters.

Cast of "Alone Together" -- (behind) Jim Neu, Black-Eyed Susan, Mary Shultz, Little Annie. (foreground) Bill Rice, director Keith McDermott.

is this station one of your favorites?

well, it has a couple of attractions

the mosaic signs from the late-60s have been very well-maintained

and two lines stop here, so people think Iím waiting for the other one

how long do you do this?

how long is a mood?

itís never quite the same

tonight I knew right where I was going

other times I just pick a direction and see whatís out there

subway pleasure trips

Bill Rice and Jim Neu. This was Bill Rice's last play.

traditional entertainment was ruining my life

itís wonderful what they can do now, but excruciating

the graphic breakthroughs were beyond anything I ever thought Iíd have to see

I was accumulating memories I didnít deserve

I needed to rethink my leisure options

I always enjoyed travel

and I didnít feel like waiting for my vacation




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