DUET FOR SPIES (The Whole Story), 1985

Jim Neu. photo by Donna Ann McAdams

London International Festival of Theater, UK, BACA, PS 122, Chain Lighting Theater Co. NYC, University of Wisconsin

A spy being interrogated by a superior can only guess at the mission, priorities and agenda behind the encounter.

Spy 1
mark my words

if people knew what we think, they’d know enough to be glad we’re on their side

but don’t hold your breath

it’s up to a guy like us to find our own gratification

I get a little . . . . physical sometimes walking around in a group of other people

I think about what the guy next to me doesn’t know about the guy next to him

I think about how much more I’ve got for him to not know about than he could possibly have for me to not know about.

look — you’ve got to be able to love the life!


“deliciously perceptive ... jolly good fun” -- The Independent (London)

“ ... language comes alive through poetic organization” -- The Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin)



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