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PS 122, Miranda Theater Co., NYC

A micro and macro view of Americaís most enduring outlaw. Scenes of the James family at home alternate with a narrator describing the ups and downs of Jesseís public career.

Zerelda M
Ö.Iím not as easy around other people any more

is that love?

Zerelda S
I think you two were made for each other

New York Native had a cover story.

Zerelda M
heavy praise Mother James

Iím sure you donít say that lightly

Zerelda S
he needs the kind of woman who understands the kind of man
who lives the kind of life a man like him lives

Zerelda M
he has a serious feeling for who a man like him is

Zerelda S
blessed is him who can sit back and cast his eyes upon
what he hath wrought

my boys hath wrought plenty


“. . . exerts the wily charm of a snake-oil salesman to persuade us that America’s most beloved bandit was also the country’s first self-made celebrity-rogue." -- New York Post

“. . . highly intellegent and entertaining . . . sharp and perceptive” -- New York Native



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