La MaMa E.T.C., New York, 2002

Show poster with Mary Shultz. Photo by Paul Godwin.

KISS SHOT is a comedy with music, set in the near future. In Los Angeles, film noir has evolved into the dominant lifestyle. Events unfold cinematically. Lips Greene, an acoustic musician feeling the pinch of synthesization, meets Monte Blane, a grizzled veteran of the Hollywood fringe. They join forces to track down some legendary forbidden film footage, uncovering more than they bargained for. In this version of the future, everyone carries a Personal Musical Moment Enhancer, enabling them to break into song without warning.

Iím Belle, Belle Russe, and am I ever your friend

get ready to start wondering where Iíve been all your life

people like you Lips, Iíve talked to them

even Jack, a guy whose idea of a warm impulse is to only break one of your legs

itís a tribute to you, a real compliment

but you canít eat affection

I donít know when you were planning to get serious, but Lips, youíre getting to the age when too long suddenly turns into too late

Iím not saying this to make you feel bad

Iím saying this to give you a clear picture of the pit youíve dug yourself into

Iím not wondering where youíve been all my life yet

thatís because you canít see over the rim

Lips, the future you plan for is the future you get

you barely know what youíre doing tomorrow

youíre a pool player, right?

you canít play one shot at a time

itís about position ó making the cue ball end up in the right place for the next shot

if you played like you live, youíd never win


“Propelled by razor-sharp dialogue” -- SHOUT Magazine  


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