La MaMa, NYC

Postcard image--rear: Bill RIce, Jim Neu. front: Black-eyed Susan, Mary Shultz.

Right when Ted Promost, a motivational teleguru, is about to make a career leap to the big time, a figure from his past, Effie Twelvetrees, reappears to threaten his future. She plans to go public with details of his very unenlightened early behavior unless he can find a way to make it up to her. Also involved are Vanesica Caswell, Tedís patron and chief disciple, whose faith in him is stronger than facts, and Riff Dixon, a wryly truculent freelance detective hired by Effie to even the score.

people are watching a wider range of anything all the time

the accumulated viewing of overlapping generations is exciting a historic hunger for something to look at

but Iím telling you, right?

donít be modest

the rate of your ability as a developing driver is growing in a direct ratio to the depth of your experience as an enthusiastic passenger

if somebody was smart in the woods but nobody
heard it, did it really happen?

the scope of the smoke has everything to do with the
size of the fire

the forest are the trees

a dent is only another kind of impression

your random babble makes more sense than other
peopleís coherency


“To enter the world of Jim Neu is to leave behind any sense of propriety, rationality, or the hackneyed. In other words, get ready for a rousing good time.” -- New York Theatre Wire

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