Postcard image for "Situation Room" by Ed Leighton


Soho Rep, NYC

Worlds collide when a couple of market researchers target a group of actors to investigate leisure behavior.

well, youíre probably wondering how to think of me

I donít mind saying whatís going on isnít completely clear in my mind yet

I explained it

I know

Publicity photo with Bill Rice and Jim Neu was taken at offices of Boy Scouts of America by Jonathan Slaff

itís simple, yet subtle

sometimes you canít tell if itís the situation or the words somebody is putting it into

Iím sure we can make it work

we intend to begin marketing reality-based product endorsements starring you two as the people you actually are

and to know how other people will see you, we need to know how you are ourselves

but the last thing we want to do is intrude

just think of it as opening a window on your life and inviting us in

see, we really want to know what would be happening if we werenít here

for us, the experience is entirely yours

Terry O'Reilly, Mary Scultz, Roberta Levine, Bill Rice. Photo by Dona Ann McAdams.
Mary Schultz, Terry O'Reilly, Roberta Levine. Photo by Yee FanChu.


“Neu finds his greatest source of humor playing with the characters’ second-hand sense of reality.” -- Theater Week

“. . . inanity carried to the highest power, consummate zaniness. The whole hilarious troupe works as a conglomerate Buster Keaton.” -- Village Voice


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