TARGET AUDIENCE: The Code of the Western

2003-04, La MaMa, NYC; TSL Warehouse, Hudson, NY; Legion Arts, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Neu plays a Doctor of Situology (the study of the interface of fact and fiction) following parallel trails--out where the end of the West meets the end of the Western.

Photo by Jonathan Slaff

Dr. Thorne
good evening, and howdy

I’m real pleased to be part of you tonight

this – the Saddleholster Film Festival – is authentic infraculture

its continuing existence is a tribute to the combined efforts of the
Sons of the Cowboys Club and the Daughters of the Damsels Auxiliary

to which I’d like to add my personal thanks for their willingness to take a chance on something a little bit different

now I know there’s been a lot of confusion about what Situology is, and I’d like to clear that up

Situology is the study of the interface between the factual and the fictional

those spectacular times when the course of history and the thrust of mythification flow as one, creating islands of enriched reality, forever affecting the current of events to come

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